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Bài gửiTiêu đề: 1 bộ đề thi CF khác   Thu May 28, 2009 11:06 am

Review Exam CF - C0709G

1. The value of each digit in the number system is determined by which three of the following ?
a. The digit itself.
b. The binary value of the digit.
c. The position of the digit in the number.
d. The base/radix of the number system.
e. The position of the radix.
2. Which three of the following statements are NOT TRUE ? (choose all correct answers)
a. One character is stored in one byte.
b. Character K is represented by 45 in ASCII code.
c. The number 35.795 cannot be represented in binary form.
d. The ASCII code uses 8 bits to represent a single character.
e. In the binary number system the value of the digit to the left will become twice its predecessor.
3. All digital computers use ________ number system to store the data.
a. Decimal.
b. Binary.
c. Octal.
d. Hexadecimal.
4. File Transfer Protocol is a part of TCP/IP suite of protocols.
a. True
b. False
5. Every web server has an IP address and a domain name.
a. True
b. False
6. In Windows 2000 Professional it is possible to restrict users from visiting a particular site.
a. True
b. False
7. Choose the correct representation for data used during data process in CPU
a. Decimal.
b. Binary.
c. Octal.
d. Hexadecimal.
8. Which of the following are the advantages of using hexadecimal or octal number systems for low level programming? (choose all correct answers)
a. Easy to remember.
b. Low hardware cost.
c. Accuracy of the result.
d. Ease of programming.
e. Saves the time.
9. The term gigabyte is used to represent
a. 10 raised to 6
b. 10 raised to 9.
c. 10 raised to 3.
d. None of the others.
10. The result of the multiplication of binary numbers 1011 and 111 is
a. 1101101
b. 1100110
c. 1001101
11. Which three of the following ports allow transfer of more than one bit at a time ? (choose all correct answers)
a. Centronics port.
b. Serial port.
c. Parallel port.
d. Printer port.
12. The tool used for writing the set of instructions is called
a. Keyboard.
b. Program.
c. Programming language.
d. Software.
13. The result of addition of binary numbers 1011011 and 1010110 is
a. 10100001
b. 10110101
c. 10110001
14. The product of binary numbers 100110 and 110 is
a. 11110101
b. 10011101
c. 10101110
15. Programs used to prevent virus are called
a. Vaccines.
b. Anti-virus programs.
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